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If you supervise industrial or commercial or industrial facilities, Keeley Consulting Services can help you manage them more conveniently and efficiently.

With our teams of highly trained engineers, we can help you manage all of your plumbing and heating requirements -- from the air-conditioning to boiler room and water hygiene -- as a fully integrated operation, or if you desire, under a simple one-off job.

You will save time if you deal with only one contact entity who comprehends the particular needs of your facilities -- whether you belong to the commercial, industrial or service sector. And being completely independent, we do not concentrate on any specific brands and, therefore, continually develop systems that take advantage of available up-to-date technology.

Hence, whatever your needs are, Keeley Consulting Services can offer solutions which are based on excellent and cost-effective designs and installation and maintenance procedures, with meticulous adherence to safety and efficiency standards at all times.


  • Air-conditioning

    Producing a climate which is conducive to working, acceptable to staff and customers and appropriate for your business is vital to the viability and progress of your enterprise.

  • Refrigeration

    If your operation depends on products or its working environment run at an exact temperature level, it is essential to have the right refrigeration technology you can trust, every moment of the work-day.

  • Design and Installation

    Since the requirements of each enterprise vary from one another, proper design of refrigeration and air-conditioning systems to suit those needs is vital.


Do you find your radiators and your premises getting colder than they were before while your boiler operates longer hours and your bills continue to grow?

In case you experience this, you probably have a build-up of sludge that clogs the flow of your hot-water heating system. Also, you may also find your boiler getting noisier and the temperature of your hot water fluctuating and the radiators producing black effluent.

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